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I just ordered my first prototype of my new board game. We were going to develop a card game, but the board game tested out with much greater enthusiasm from play testers. I will be uploading art from the game soon so you can feast your eyes. Things are upcoming and gaining ground here. This also means planning a kickstarter soon. So take a good look at the work as it gets posted and enjoy! Be sure to check out for more news!
Here's the deal folks. I'm working on a card game and more writing work for GZ. I know it's been slowed down here lately, but the simple fact of the matter is this: I have to do all of this myself. I followed the advice of going to conventions to meet artists to hopefully exact a business relationship. The advice I was given was this: I was told I needed to find an artist "early in his career" who might be interested in taking on the business risk. I realize that we all want to get paid. I do too. It's as much my time as anyone else's. But that's okay. That's how Galaxy Zento got started anyway. I did it myself. And I'll have to keep doing it myself until something takes off. I'm sure not going to give up, just because I can't arrange any business partnerships (yet). 

So I have over a hundred illustrations to do for the card game. Then I plan on kicking off GZ Legends 2.0 while simultaneously arranging three books for sale. I hope that one day it becomes worthy of someone's time enough that the Graphic Novels can be started on. GZ would require serious interest from someone who is ready to be part of what could become its own company. 

The characters and stories of GZ are vast and in depth. They are worthy of making all sorts of products. I have notes for board games, card games, and the RPG. I have short story and novel plans that eventually tie all of this universe together. Doing all that by myself, is big and tough, but I will just keep plugging away at it until it is all built up.

For all of you who have been watching and reading, thank you. You're wonderful people and this place will continue to grow thanks to you. 

Now for the disclaimer. While beggars can't be chooser's, I am no beggar. I will not take just anyone. Contact me and show me what you can do. Show me that we can work together and that you aren't going to flake out. I'm looking for someone who will come in and be serious (but not deadpan, have a sense of freaking humor) who is ready to commit some solid interest. I'm looking for experienced work ethic, talent, and some awesome comic worthy art. I've seen lots of examples and I will scrutinize. If our styles mesh, we got talking to do. Till then, off to work I go.   (This update is from my Facebook page)
Just for your enjoyment followed by a touch of advice.

 “There you are.” The familiar voice growled from behind him in the deeper shadows of the room. Other patrons abruptly stood and left the establishment. Even the barkeep took his immediate leave. Messiah turned to face Gravedigger. The assassin stood with his sharpened shovel attached on a long chain to a thick belt. “I’ve finally got that rematch I’ve been wanting.”

The advice: I just read that the #1 regret of people on their death beds is that they never tried to fulfill their dreams. Think about that. Never give up on your dreams.
Moving into the new year has me bursting with plans for all sorts of work. 3 books to publish, tons of artwork, and  what's this murmuring  of a card game? Yep, working on a card game. Local friends who have play tested have been giving me the thumbs up. So stay tuned there's a lot more coming for 2014!

It's possible that you can suggest a character to Galaxy Zento and have them become part of my universe. If you do, you have to pay attention to the legalese!


Any submission of character made to Galaxy Zento or its creator, David Wilde become the sole property of Galaxy Zento/David Wilde. 


Any submissions will be thoroughly checked for originality to make sure that they infringe on no other copyrights.


Acceptance of a character is no guarantee that any publishings will be made on said character. 


If you do this, you agree that you are doing it solely for the thrill of seeing your character come to life, if accepted or possible. 


Naturally, any resemblance of any Galaxy Zento character to any other person real or fictional is purely coincidence and likely a figment of your imagination.

Still dealing with tech difficulties, but can't afford to take this in to get some good updates and work done (as in my laptop). However, I'm still working hard on my writing and art. My second book, GZ Tale's Vol 1 is now out and available! I'll have to post the pic so folks can check out the cover art. Things are going good overall. So all you artists keep the faith and keep those pencils and inks going!
Laptop needs service so bear with me. Will be back soon.
GZ Legends, the ongoing blog fiction is going strong. It's at blogspot, free to read so I hope you'll follow along and enjoy! In this segment the heroes are finally able to go after the guy who murdered police in every precinct of New York!…

If you want to  know how that happened, when you get to the blog, check out the links in the upper right section. There is a link to GZ Legends number 1!
And it was great. I invite you all to check it out.…
Let me tell you a little story: In the beginning of the GZ universe, there was a war of the gods on Earth (a pivot point in the balance of good and evil). Many of the gods of the old pantheons were killed. The war spread to planets beyond our star system and drew in gods of distant worlds.

The fighting became so great and so many were slain that the balance of good and evil broke. A new god was created, Chaos. Chaos became the embodiment of technology throughout the universe and took up arms to kill all the remaining gods of good or evil. Despite their differences, the remaining gods had to fight together to lock Chaos away. He had been made so powerful by their fighting, that they were unable to destroy him.

A new balance with protectors had to be formed. Crimson King, a god from a far away alien world, took up the side of good. His Starknights forever protect the good side of the balance. Seth, one of the last remaining Egyptian gods, took over the side of evil with his minions to serve him. Thoth, another of the surviving Egyptians took the center of the balance to represent neutrality and to make sure that the balance never tipped too far in either direction. He selected beings from across the universe to become Guardians of the balance.

Little do the heroes of Earth know, but the balance is around them at all times and especially delicate on Earth.
So I have my first book signing scheduled with an awesome local place called the Corner Coffee House. That will be on April 26th, so for anyone of you that are local, you're invited! Going to be in town? You're invited too! Anyway it's a cool milestone for me and I'm pretty excited about it. I was told that there might not be a lot of people who show, but I'll put word out. And even if they don't, it's a cool first for me. It's an accomplishment and I'll be proud of it.
So I did my first drawing for free art today. I'll do another drawing next month. Check out the video!…

Past that things are moving, though slowly. I need to order more books before I do a book signing. I also have to touch base with places around here to see who is interested in doing one.  More art is also on the way as I keep doing GZ Legends.
Here are the details, though I will accept the same interactions here on DA as well as FB or G+. Check out the video:…
My son has had to go back to the hospital again. His rages are worse than ever and he's suffering. Not an enjoyable time at all. On top of that, I have an infected/broken tooth and my carpal tunnel is competing with it for what can hurt worse. Yesterday was a day from hell on that front. So I'm dealing with things and will get back to more cool stuff soon. I wish I could find my wrist brace, ugh.

But I will be back and with a vengeance when I do. I'm still managing to post GZ Legends at so be sure to check it out.

Thanks everyone for your support and watching :D
I've got the writing so who has the art?

As many of you know I just got back from the New Orleans Comicon. The prime mission of the trip was to take my son to meet his celebrity hero Stan Lee. Many people donated to that cause and it happened. I'm forever grateful. My son has a wonderful memory that may shape his future.

Since we achieved that mission on the first night of the convention, that left all day Saturday to just fun around. Well, we had lots of fun but there was quite a bit more than that. I scouted an article for HCRealms on HeroClix. After that, I went networking.

My third mission at the con was to meet artists. I can't tell you how many of you wonderful people, including a couple of agents, have mentioned that my stories should be graphic novels. I agree!

I'm looking to form a partnership that will bring GZ to life. I'm looking for someone I can work with for these projects.

I know what some of you are thinking. "Dave, you're a pretty good artist, why don't you do it?"

I have to be honest, there are some skills that I lack and small details with my hands are virtually impossible. Having MS has made it so that I have to literally use both hands to do any small details. My hands shake so badly, that my only hope is digital. Even then, I have problems with some forms. I've gotten better at drawing women over the years, but I'm not good enough at it that I want it in a graphic novel. I'm better as the writer (not that I'll give up drawing).

So what do I want from an artist?

If you are one of the awesome artists I met at the convention (or you just came across this out of curiosity); the first thing I want you to do is take a look through my universe. Check out the characters and see if they appeal to you. Do they look like characters you can really get into? Check out the stories. GZ Legends is actually taken from my novel, Chaos Rising and it could make a good graphic novel. The short stories could make for a compilation piece. I would like to have someone who can really become a part of the GZ universe.

Also I would like someone to bring more than just drawing and coloring to the table. Experience is nice. I would like to take our work to agents or publishers and get GZ out there and mainstream. What ideas and experiences can you bring to the table?

Approaching other artists is fairly new to me. I have quite a few questions that I will be asking soon. But if you are reading this and you like what you see of GZ, talk to me.

I also still accept guest artists. If you want to do a picture for the blog (for GZ Legends) let me know because I will promote you as an artist!

GZ Legend 1-10:…

Showcase short stories:…
There has been some confusion as to just what Galaxy Zento is or is about. Wonder no more! I'm here to clear that up.

Galaxy Zento is a science fiction/fantasy universe. It boasts heroes, villains, monsters, magic, aliens, dragons, demons, crazy technologies, and a whole lot more. It has destinations and locations galore. It has over 400 original characters and 200 alien races.

And some out there wonder, "Well, that's great but what is it for?"

I have many plans for GZ and I'm going in several directions. The bottom line purpose is to entertain and gain exposure. In the age of the internet what better way to share, network and get started out anyway?

Here are the things that are going on in GZ meant for entertainment purposes:

ART: I'm doing as many illustrations I can while my hands will still do them. I have MS, arthritis, and carpal tunnel. I'm losing the dexterity in my hands. So I'm doing as much of my art as I can and I really hope it's enjoyed. Yes, it's for sale in places, but I hardly intend to shove that down anyone's throat. Besides, doesn't everyone have to get by somehow? And it costs absolutely ZERO to look and enjoy a piece of artwork.

STORIES: I have a novel completed that I'm seeking publication for. I have lots of short stories I want to put into a book. And, on this very blog, there is an ongoing story called GZ Legends that is free to read online and follow along with. I plan on doing more than one ongoing book series for GZ once I can get it off the ground.  I want to get into doing GRAPHIC NOVELS, but I need a good illustrator who can commit to the team. My hands just can't do the panel work and I know there are better comic artists out there than me.

GAMES: There are all sorts of plans for gaming systems for GZ. There is already a Role Playing Game that was self published in 13 copies. With revisions planned, I hope for much more and a cool playing system that a lot of people can enjoy. I also have plans on the table for a card game.

CONVENTIONS: I hope to bring GZ in all sorts of these forms to conventions. That's why I post GZ material in group pages that are conventions.

So, it's not about just one thing. It's not just about being a game or storyline, it's both. The GZ universe has a fully written and established history. Characters have in depth backgrounds and personalities.

I've been sharing my universe on various Facebook groups, Google and other media. I welcome guest artists and fan art ( have even had some!).  Unfortunately, some people don't think it belongs and they mark it as spam. I don't understand that because it's not like I'm pushing glow in the dark shoes or hacking accounts. It's just meant to be shared and enjoyed. If you don't like it, do me a big favor and just ignore it or hide it from your time line. You can drop me from your media (Facebook) if you're so inclined. I'm sorry for anyone who's been offended.

But, if you do enjoy the artwork and want to watch the project grow (you can say you saw it from about the beginning and that's cool right?) then add it to your circles or "like" it on FB. Bookmark or share with friends who like original content or whatever it is you like about it. If you're an artist, feel free to become a guest! I would love it!

The ongoing story will be revving up as soon as I catch up with edits up to number 25. Then, things are going to get hairy and scary for the heroes. I hope you'll follow along. For all of you already following along, THANK YOU! You're awesome people and I'm glad to have you.

That's GZ! I hope you'll be sticking around for more art, stories and updates on publishing as they come about!
Not only has my son's goal been met. But tickets have been purchased to send him to meet Stan Lee.  Check out the link for the heartwarming details.…
This is a link to my newest blog entry where I write a letter to Stan the man himself.  What's most important about it is what it has to say about my son. You are all invited to check it out and I really hope you do.…
My 10 year old son, who has autism, is in the hospital. This has been very hard and it's just getting started. His rages and self harm were getting pretty bad and today he admitted thoughts of really hurting himself or even killing himself. So he's getting help, but he's never been away from home before. We're scared for him and worried too. I saw him today after taking him into the program yesterday. He's doing okay, but I won't have any definite information on his condition until Sunday.

I'm still trying to do my scheduled art and writing, if nothing else to keep me busy, but there's another project that's taken root.

As you can imagine, my son needs a morale boost and there's a rare opportunity for that coming in November.  I want to take him to meet his favorite celebrity icon, Stan Lee at the New Orleans Comicon in November. For him, it's the chance of a lifetime. But I have to try and raise funds to do it. Several donations have already come in.  This is an opportunity that will not likely happen again. For details please visit my blog at the link.…

If all anyone can do is share it, that's cool too. Right now, I'm on cruise control and just kind of wandering through the day. He'll be in the hospital for  7-10 days. I'll still be around, but he's the most important things of all. Without him, my work means nothing to me.

Stan Lee knows heroes better than anyone. Well, this is my little hero.
Blasted carpal tunnel! Man I hate having medical conditions. Things have been rough lately and I've been in a lot of pain. Hard to color or draw like that, let me tell you. Even with some of the really good pain meds I have, I still hurt some if I don't give myself plenty of rest points. But there will be more Galaxy Zento cool stuff going on.

Also, right now I'm working on a special project for my son. But that's on my blogs. So I'm still around, just going to be a little bit :D